Maspenock Rod & Gun Club
McGill Lane Milford, Massachuetts

Clay Hunting

What is Clay Hunting?

Maspenock Trap Committee is conducting Clay Hunting Events.
At this time the event is held once a month on the Saturday following the club's monthly meeting starting at 1:00pm

Clay Hunting is not as formal as trap or even skeet shooting, this is a shooting program designed to appeal to hunters
and other shotgun shooters who enjoy challenging clays simulating the hunt.

You won't need a expensive shotgun, or even a 12-guage.
Any shotgun capable of holding two shells (over-under, pump or semi-auto) with open chokes are ideal!


Standard safety rules apply. Mandatory eye and ear protection, target loads only.
Shooters will shoot at "wobble" clays (sihgles and doubles) at seven stations surrounding the trap house.
The clays can be left or right, up or down - you won't know where, just like real hunting!

The Maspenock Trap Committee is inviting all shotgun shooters and bird hunters to visit our trap range and participate in the clay hunt.
For more information visit the trap range, Talk with L.A.Jones, we are open on Sundays at 10:00 AM and Wednesdays at 6:00 PM.